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Another day, another Pixel 6 issue reported

It's not going so well for Google...
By Sanuj Bhatia December 27, 2021, 3:15 am
Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro camera systems Source: Pocketnow

Google Pixel 6 might be one of the best Android smartphones of this year, but it doesn't mean it comes without bugs. At launch, Pixel 6 users reported issues with displays like flickering and green lines appearing when shutting down the phone. People also reported about the slow in-display fingerprint sensor and slow charging speed on the device. Some of these issues were supposed to be fixed by the December update released by Google for Pixel 6, but they introduced their own bugs — network issues and two calling features disabled.

In addition to the network bug and disabled calling features, some Pixel 6 users are now reporting issues with auto-rotate on the device. Google support forums and Reddit are filled with people reporting issues about auto-rotate not working and automatic horizontal images breaking at random. A user on the Google support forum wrote:


Accelerometer and gyroscope stop working since December update

About once or twice a day the accelerometer/gyroscope stops working. This means that auto-rotate etc does not work even though it is definitely enabled. Turning the phone off and on again fixes the issue. But this is happening at least once a day. I have installed sensors multitool since this problem has started and I can see that the accelerometer/gyroscope is not working until I turn the phone off and on again.

As AndroidPolice notes, it seems that Pixel 6 and 6 Pro "forget" to communicate with some sensors when enabling the auto-rotation option on the smartphone. The publication reports that these sensors are "not returning any data" when the option is enabled. Since the auto-rotation and horizontal images rely on the data provided by these sensors, the Pixel 6 is not able to rotate the image automatically or rotate the screen when asked for. It seems that the compass app has also been affected by the issue.

google pixel 6 sensors not working
Google Pixel 6 gyroscope, accelerometer, and compass not working
Source: AndroidPolice

While Google is yet to officially confirm the issue, users are reporting that a simple reboot can fix the issue. Although restarting the device isn't a permanent fix, it's much better than being with a phone that has no sensor working. Since so many users have reported the issue, we expect the bug to be fixed in the January patch for the Pixel 6 devices. If you haven't updated to the December patch on your Pixel 6 and if you heavily rely on auto-rotate or the disabled calling features, then we would recommend you not to update to the latest version and wait for Google to roll out all the fixes.

Google Pixel 6 product box image Sorta Seafoam

Google Pixel 6

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Via: AndroidPolice


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