Looking for a heads-up display to put on your dash? Anker Roav pre-orders up for $200 off

Anker is known for its batteries and cables and other peripheries, but with the car getting more attention in our space nowadays — it is, after all, the ultimate consumer-owned mobile device — and with heads-up displays all the rage, it’s about time that everyone could get in on the fun.

Enter Roav, the company’s smart heads-up display for cars. It’s tethered to your phone and its Wi-Fi hotspot or an LTE with an embedded SIM and keeps track of where you want to go. While you’re driving, Roav keeps track of speed and distance data while notifications pop up. You can reply to messages, take calls hands-free and stream music with the device, too.

Roav will learn more skills as time passes by, but for now, the device is pre-selling for $200 off. The Wi-Fi version, available in the US, the UK and Canada is $299 while the 4G version is $399 and available only in the US and Canada. The Wi-Fi version and the 4G version for Canada ships next summer while the 4G version in the US ships in the spring.

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