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Animating Flip Clock Widget, No Longer An HTC Exclusive

By Joe Levi June 20, 2011, 10:08 pm

The most coveted aspects of HTC‘s Sense UI are their animated widgets — specifically their flip clock, complete with smooth animations. Others (including LevelUp Studio) have attempted to replicate the look of the trademark flip clock, but to the best of my knowledge, all have fallen short of replicating the animation.

Peppernut Studios has been quietly working on fixing this and have recently released their Animating Flip Clock Widget. True to it’s name, this widget uses your smartphone’s clock and time settings to reflect the current time in a 4×1 flip clock widget on your homescreen which animates — just as you’d expect it to.

Unfortunately there is no weather information or weather animation that comes along with it, and the widget takes a substantial amount of time to load initially. Once it’s loaded, however, it’s smooth and fluid.

HTC and LevelUp Studios had better watch out!

Download from the Android Market

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