Rovio has released its latest title into the Android Market, Angry Bird Seasons, which delivers the highly-anticipated Christmas Edition bundled with the older, unreleased Halloween levels — and best of all, the game is completely free. ‘Christmas’ seems to contain an additional 25 levels, while ‘Halloween’ delivers the same 45 levels that iOS users have been enjoying for over a month. As you might expect, this game is also ad-supported, with the promotions located in the same annoying upper right-hand corner as the original title after the latest update.

iPhone owners can expect their ‘Halloween’ editions to receive the Christmas update in short order, with Rovio having already submitted it to the App Store for approval. One thing we did happen to note on the ‘Seasons’ download page: according to the company, “From now on, every season is an Angry Birds season.” Meaningless marketing copy, or hint that we can expect a regular stream of these free, themed level packs?

Source: Rovio

Via: Andronica

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