We knew that Angry Birds Magic would take the original avian-chucking game and add in some social functionality, urging you to connect with other players in order to unlock additional content through your smartphone’s NFC transceiver; look for it on Nokia devices this year. Now Rovio has revealed another aspect of this new way to play with Angry Birds, announcing Magic Places.

Magic Places expands on the idea of using proximity to other players to unlock content, instead using your phone’s GPS receiver to unlock content based on your proximity to pre-defined areas. These are spaces which Rovio has deemed “magic”, and visiting them will enable you to unlock extras like the level-clearing Mighty Eagle.

Is this direction going to work for Angry Birds? A big part of what makes the game so appealing is how easy it is to pick up your smartphone and play a few levels when you have a minute to spare (or when you’re blowing-off real work). Will the majority of players feel like they’re getting more out of the game by hunting down magic places, or will it seem like a chore? A lot of that could depend on how Rovio defines them, choosing where they’re located, as well as how valuable the unlockable content is towards completing new levels.

Source: GigaOM

Via: Android Guys

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