Andy Rubin back at Essential, but he never left Playground Global

Andy Rubin has returned to his latest start-up about a month after taking leave prior to reporting from The Information about Google’s internal investigation of an “inappropriate relationship with a subordinate” while he was an executive at that company, where he co-created and helped to foster Android mobile operating system.

Recode reports that the CEO of Essential Products returned to work on Friday, capping off what the company says is several weeks of absence starting early in November. Employees were only made aware of his extended leave on November 27.

Rubin said acknowledges his relationship, saying that it was consensual and that there was no wrongdoing.

There’s a heavy irony threaded into his leave in that he reported to work at his venture capital company, Playground Global, located in the same office block as Essential. Playground also provided boot-up money to Essential with both companies featuring Rubin as CEO.

Essential is struggling to build sales support for its Essential Phone as it attempts to expand its product ecosystem.

Neither Essential and Rubin wanted to comment on his return.

Image: Playground Global

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