Andy Lees: Windows Phone Sold Bettter Than Android In First Year

Microsoft’s President of Windows Phone, Andrew Lees, the one who recently spoke about LTE and dual-core chips inside Windows Phones, spoke to Ina Fried at AsiaD on various aspects of Windows Phone.

First of all, Lees noted that Windows Phone actually sold better than Android in its first 12 months. Of course, the market last year, when Windows Phone joined the game, was different that the market back in the day when Google brought the world Android. He also noted that “Android is very techy” but that it is a great OS addressing a certain segment of the market. It brings a grid of icons and apps contrary to Windows Phone which is taking a “people approach”.

On the Apple side, Andrew Lees noted that people can also talk to their Windows Phones but a Siri-like implementation is not “super useful.” Windows Phone’s speech approach relies pretty much on Bing, which brings “the full power of the internet, rather than a certain subset,” like the case of Siri and Wolfram Alpha.

Last but not least, he noted that the Nokia event coming soon will bring a wide range of Windows Phones, pretty much in the vein of Steve Ballmer that mentioned “a bunch” last time we checked.

Source: Engadget

Via: WMPowerUser

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