The word “Andromeda” has been tossed around a little too casually in recent times. It was used to describe the merged operating system for Android and Chrome OS that never materialized. And it has been used vaguely in relation to the demise of Windows 10 Mobile.

So, what’s Microsoft’s Andromeda? We thought it was a software project at first, but according to Windows Central, we could be looking at a revival of 2009’s Courier, but it could be running on ARM — extended Windows 10 operation on a Qualcomm chipset has been demonstrated before and promises have been made of commercial devices. Whether Win32 apps will be supported is yet to be seen.

The device, itself in prototype stage, appears to be a two-panel notebook device that can be folded closed. A OneNote-powered notebook app would be the centerpiece and a stylus working with Windows Ink. A source says that the company is targeting a launch for next year, though as we don’t have any hard details on the device that’s yet to go public, we could be waiting for a while or this could end up getting dumped like the Courier was.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella made the point that if his company were to ever venture into mobile, it would have to be a category-breaking product. This could be it. We shall see.

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