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Android with HTC Sense Running on HD2 (Video)

By Brandon Miniman July 22, 2010, 8:40 am

Previously we showed you the HD2 running on a Nexus One flavor of Android. As development continues over at XDA, we now have a new flavor of Android to show you, this time running HTC Sense right from the Desire. Just about everything is working: the camera, WiFi, GPS, multitouch, plus all of the Sense widgets and settings. What’s still missing is working speakers (there’s a fix for this, see below), so while the phone can dial out, you can’t hear the caller on the other end, even on speakerphone.

If you have an HD2, we recommend that you try to run Android on your phone. There are no ill-effects, and if you want to get back to Windows Mobile, you just reset your phone. Download the files directly (torrent link). Then, unzip all of the files to your storage card. On your device, run haret.exe, and boom, within three-four minutes, you’ll have Android.

Update: As a Brad Bamford points out in the comments, in order to get the sound to work so that you can make calls, you should run CLRCAD.exe (a file that will be on your SD card once you download the Desire Android files) before running haret.exe. We’ve tried this and it works!

(via: XDA)

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