Google is ‘actively working’ to fix issue preventing Android Wear watches from pairing to iPhone 7

It may feel like an unnatural alliance to some, but Google’s Android Wear smartwatch platform supports both fellow Android handhelds and iPhones. Basically, if you’re not a hardcore fan of either Big G or Apple, don’t particularly understand the appeal of “iWatches”, yet still own a new or old iPhone, plus a wearable device from the “enemy’s” camp, it’s all good.

Unless you’ve managed to get your hands on the iterative but relatively popular iPhone 7, and would like your iOS pocket notifications synchronized to your wrist via a second-gen Moto 360, Asus ZenWatch (1 or 2), Fossil Q Founder, Tag Heuer Connected, or Michael Kors Access.

That’s currently not possible, though the list of Android Wear timepieces refusing to connect to the latest (and, some say, greatest) iPhone could actually be lengthier. Google has confirmed the aforementioned display “issues”, oddly limited to the iPhone 7, and thus probably having to do with hardware rather than software.

Apple has been informed of the mysterious glitches, which aren’t present on previous-gen iOS phones running the platform’s build 10, and for its part, Google wants you to know it’s “actively working to fix this pairing issue as soon as possible.” But is Cupertino also lending a hand?

Sources: Google Support, Android Wear Forum
Via: 9To5Mac

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