Without a doubt, two of the hottest smartwatch platforms right now are Pebble and Android Wear. Many speculated after the LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live went live on the Play Store that Pebble’s reign would come to a close, but is that really justified? We take a look in our Android Wear vs Pebble video.

There are two representatives for both platforms — Pebble has the original plastic version, and the premium Steel version, while Android Wear currently is touted by the LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live (with the Moto 360 just on the horizon).

While looks vary greatly between devices of their respective platforms, the software is almost exactly the same between them (with hardware such as the Gear Live’s heart rate monitor being the main reason for differences). Both operating systems offer notifications support from a companion device, and to some extent the ability to work right off of your wrist.

Controlling both platforms couldn’t be more different, though — Pebble watches have no touch screen, while one of the Android Wear watches has nothing but the touch screen for input. The differences don’t end there, too.

So which platform is better? Which offers better wrist-mounted control of your phone? Find out in Android Wear vs Pebble, right down below.

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