Google may soon know if you’re driving if you have Android Wear

Driverless cars are here and you could be buying them soon. How soon that will be, we don’t know. So until then, enjoy the ride while you still can. And while you’re on the road with a foot to the pedal, keep your hands on the wheel and not your phone. It always helps to get a smartwatch, though.

Google has applied for a patent (US009037125) that the Patent and Trademark Office just published that signals a heavy reliance on a so-called “wearable computing device” that can tell if you’re in a moving vehicle and, if so, if your wrist and arm movements constitute enough shiftiness to indicate that you’re driving.

Driving recognition via wearable can trigger several things on your watch and/or phone. Although there are some common sense features we could talk about like turning on Car Mode on your devices, Google is still at work on this feature. It also helps that if you aren’t on the wheel, you don’t suddenly get your phone’s capabilities strangled for no reason at all.

If we see this feature in action, though, we’d really have to test this on mass transit.

Source: US Patent and Trademark Office
Via: Phandroid

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