More Android Wear 2.0 updates coming soon to third LG watch, New Balance RunIQ

There’s finally solid, official movement to report on the Android Wear 2.0 update front, although we’re afraid one popular 1.0 choice is still stuck with its original software in addition to not being able to support Android Pay after all.

Seeing the glass as half full, let’s just focus on the LG G Watch R and first-gen Watch Urbane, which the Korean manufacturer confirms via social media for major UI makeovers in progress. The bad news is that for some reason the LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition is left waiting until “the beginning of May.”

It’s obviously a little unusual to get important updates on older hardware first, but then again, the second-gen Watch Urbane has been a troubled device ever since its original commercial launch, followed by a premature discontinuation, and ultimately, a late, surprising re-release.

Meanwhile, one of the last smartwatches deployed with pre-2.0 software out the box is already slated for an imminent upgrade. “No later than April 14, 2017” (that’s this Friday, mind you), the New Balance RunIQ is supposed to make the jump, receiving among others “updates for overall battery life”, improved Bluetooth connectivity for iOS pairing, customizable watch faces with Complications, a standalone Google Play Store, and presumably, Google Assistant support.

Remember, this “fitness tracker watch” packs an Intel processor instead of a Qualcomm, costing $300 with built-in GPS, heart rate monitoring, full water resistance, and decent battery life.

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