Android Wear 2.0 is finally launching on February 9, according to rock-solid source

The time has almost come for Android Wear’s biggest update yet, which will probably make or break Google’s smartwatch platform for good, as wearable devices approach that point in their sluggish evolution when they need to prove their worth or literally die trying.

First unveiled way back in May 2016 with a few nifty ideas about practical and game-changing improvements, and held up from its original release schedule to ultimately include more tweaks and enhancements, Android Wear 2.0 is reportedly launching at long last on February 9.

That’s according to a rock-solid source on Twitter with possibly the industry’s strongest track record, and it also matches slightly vaguer official information recently passed out to developers. Speaking of, the search giant is still expected to roll out a fifth and final Dev Preview build later this month, hopefully free of any serious bugs, with everything up and running close to public release standards.

Remember, standalone apps are coming to a host of old and new Android Wear products, downloadable from their very own Play Store, with a revamped UI also in tow, watch face widgets, aka complications, built-in keyboard capable of smart replies, improved fitness functionality, smarter notifications, and so much more.

The question is will we be seeing any next-gen smartwatches launched alongside Android Wear 2.0 in roughly three weeks? Fingers crossed.

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