And there you have it: Google practically confirms Android VR platform

Google is no stranger to serving up subtle (and sometimes, not-very-subtle) hints regarding unreleased software and hardware in the oddest places. A program’s source code could often contain so-called easter eggs confirming names or functions of other apps, platforms and devices, while placeholder listings will occasionally pop up in plain view on the search giant’s many portals.

With the Android VR cat effectively out of the bag now, Big G decided to join in the speculation games to further increase the pre-I/O buzz. Google Play’s Developer Console shows a clear mention of something dubbed “Android VR”, alongside Android Wear, Android TV, and Android Auto.

Obviously, clicking on the text and provisional image doesn’t take you anywhere, but this is unambiguous, official corroboration of recent Google-advancing virtual reality plan gossip.

Chances are the Android VR moniker shall designate both an immersive new operating system and standalone, smartphone and PC-ditching headset. Granted, we’re probably not looking at a full-blown OS here, but more of an adaptation of certain traditional Android capabilities for your face.

Android VR Google Play

Meanwhile, the highly anticipated untethered device might be joined on the Shoreline Amphitheatre stage in Mountain View for an I/O introduction next week by a separate, smartphone-dependent, sensor-laden Cardboard sequel.

Pretty exciting stuff all-around, especially with the Android VR platform said to be deeply integrated into the larger N build, thus enabling virtual reality access for more than just a few Samsung or LG handhelds.

Source: Android Police

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