Google debuts Daydream as the VR platform for Android N

“VR should be mobile, should be approachable, should be for everyone.”

It’s why at Google I/O the company is improving upon everything it had in its earlier Cardboard solution. The Daydream experience on Android N to bring higher framerates, lower latency, better motion quality and processing.

Smartphones must have minimum specifications for Daydream. Samsung, HTC, LG, Xiaomi and several other manufacturers already have Daydream-ready specs in current phones or in ones coming soon. Manufacturers working on headsets already have a more comfortable reference design while a new controller for the platform is also on the way. All that hardware should also come soon.

The most difficult part of the virtual reality gig, though, is apps. That’s why the Google Play Store within the Daydream platform will be curated for Daydream-only apps. You’ll get HBO, CNN, Ubisoft, EA and other companies’ content to bring new experiences news, movies and games. Google Play Movies will be on-board and YouTube is also being retrofitted for Daydream.

Daydream will debut this fall. The latest Android N Developer Preview has VR Mode to get your tinkering started.

This story is developing.

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