With 2012 now a wrap, Google has published its latest Android platform statistics, adding-in data from the final two weeks of the year. While it’s still a bit disappointing to see so many devices still operating now-ancient versions of the platform, there is some cause for celebration, as the pace by which users are making the move to Android 4.x seems to be showing a recent uptick.

Jelly Bean seems to be the most responsible for Android 4.x’s new popularity, with Android 4.1 moving up to a 9% share from the less-than-6% it had just a month ago. 4.2 sees some more modest gains, and Ice Cream Sandwich continues to find new users, as well. Between them all, they’re now nearly accounting for 40% of the Android usage out there.

Froyo and Gingerbread both gave up small portions of their share to the increase in 4.x adoption, but even Eclair is still stubbornly hanging around with 2.4% of the Android user base – that’s even more than Android 4.2’s 1.2%. Until owners of those old Androids end up retiring them, those devices long past their update-receiving lives will keep dragging these stats down.

All in all, it’s nice to see the recent rush on Jelly Bean, but there are still a ton of Gingerbread devices out there that are giving far too many users an out-of-date Android experience.

Source: Google
Via: phoneArena

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