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Android Update on the Touch Pro2 (it Rocks!)

By Legacy March 10, 2010, 10:43 pm

The XDAndroid project, for Windows Mobile devices with (W)VGA displays, has progressed tremendously since we last filmed a video about it. A few months ago, we loaded it onto an HTC Diamond2 and not too many components worked. We were able to navigate around parts of the interface and use apps that didn't require a data connection, but that was about it. Progression of time and development tend to go hand in hand, so we decided to follow-up on Android for Windows phones. This time we tested it on an HTC Touch Pro2 (CDMA) and the results are astonishing. Watch the video below to see Android in action on a Sprint Touch Pro2 with working calls, SMS and data!


Want Android on your Windows phone, but not sure where to look? We've got you covered, so check out some of the links we've collected. You'll want to check the thread designated for your device. Installation instructions may vary, but they usually involve dropping a batch of files onto your storage card or installing a CAB. After that, just run HaRET from your storage card and it'll boot Android in about 2 minutes (slightly longer on first boot).

Android on HTC Windows Phones:

Notes: in case you missed it, be sure to watch our video on Dual-booting Windows Mobile/Android.


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