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Google I/O site hints at Android status bar design tweak?

By Stephen Schenck June 20, 2014, 6:26 pm

It feels like lately we’ve been qualifying more stories than not with “since Google I/O is coming up soon… ,” using the looming presence of the biggest Android event of the year to justify everything from speculation based on Google Play product listings, to minor image details possibly revealing upcoming Android releases. Soon, it will all be a distant memory, but for the next few days, at least, expect this trend to continue. Tonight we’ve got another one of those “minor image detail” finds to put under the microscope, as an image Google’s using on its official I/O page catches the eye of some detail-oriented Android fans.

Up on the left there you see a pic pulled from the I/O event page. Pretty unremarkable, right? Not even that 5:00 that got us all hot and bothered last week! But take a closer look at those status bar icons.

Compared to the status bar as currently found on the Nexus 5 (right), this I/O pic appears to have a slightly smaller WiFi icon, quite different cellular signal strength indicator, and a smaller battery readout.

And now for that qualifier: normally we might think little of this, writing it off as a designer throwing together a quick mock-up with little concern for matching reality with pixel-perfect accuracy. But with Google I/O coming up so very, very soon… see what we mean? Odds are this will be nothing, but just in case this is a taste of what’s to come, we thought you’d enjoy an early look.

Source: Google
Via: VirtualMontage (Reddit), Phandroid

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