For a whole lot of people, using smartphones means sharing. We share status updates, private messages, photos, videos, and more on a daily basis. When we want to share something we’re doing in an app, like maybe a high score or other achievement, Android offers a very handy built-in screenshot ability. Over the past several days, we’ve been learning more and more about the new features arriving in Android 4.4, and the latest to grab our attention is a big expansion on this existing screenshot functionality, now allowing phones to directly record video of their screen contents.

The base functionality is a little more technical than just holding some buttons to snap a screenshot, but it’s still very straightforward. You plug in an Android 4.4 phone to a computer running ADB, send over a quick command, and the phone starts recording its screen output, right to a video file in its internal storage. Clips can be up to three minutes long.

While this seems to be primarily designed for devs, it stands to be a pretty useful tool for anyone tasked with being the family/office “phone guy” whom everyone turns to for help – instead of trying to talk people through setting something up, it might be more convenient to just show them, forwarding them the video Android 4.4 generates.

It also looks like apps are just beginning to arrive in the Play Store which tap right in to this feature directly, negating the need for ADB.

Source: Google
Via: Droid-life

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