The voice control offered through Google Search lets Android users perform dozens of tasks by simply speaking their requests aloud. Need to set an alarm for the morning? It’s as easy as saying “Ok Google, set alarm for 9am.” Or want to watch the film you just bought through Google Play Movies? You need only tell your phone as much. But for as much as is capable with this system, it’s easy to feel a little disappointed at the number of seemingly simple tasks that would be incredibly useful to complete via voice command, yet the option’s not available to us. It’s not there quite yet, but yesterday’s update to Google Search sure brings us a heck of a lot closer to implementing some commands we’ve long been waiting for..

We shared some of the new Search improvements with you when we learned of the incoming update yesterday, but without Google publishing a formal changelog, we only had to go by what had already been discovered. In addition to things like those new new parking reminders, it turns out Google has put in the groundwork for a system to let you access phone settings via voice command.

As currently implemented, it’s about halfway there. Search will recognize when you say things like “turn off WiFi” and now pull up the appropriate settings – that’s new. What it doesn’t do, however, is actually give you the ability to change those settings via voice – so you can say “turn up brightness,” but you’re still going to have to tap your screen to complete the action.

Even with that limitation, this is the kind of improvement we like to see, and we’ve got our fingers crossed that Google follows-through and comes up with the rest of the code to make this feature really complete.

Source: Eric Liou (Google+)
Via: Android Police

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