Version 6.12 of the PayPal Android app has brought the long-sought ability to link users’ online balance for use with Android Pay in the US.

PayPal may prompt you with a splash page when you start up the app in the near future, but you may be able to head into the settings of the app and select a new Android Pay menu item between “Payment Preferences” and “Personal Info” — obviously, we haven’t been able to pull the feature up yet and are relying on Droid Life for the process.

The setup process essentially links your PayPal balance to Android Pay through a proxy Discover card — you’ll have to keep an eye on shopfronts and restaurants to see if they’ll accept Discover. While it’s up there close to Visa and Mastercard acceptance levels, it’s not quite there — but it’s certainly above American Express’s permeation.

Since the link relies solely on the PayPal balance and not on any cards associated with the account, Android Pay requires a “top-up” card and a “top-up amount” to pull from if that balance drops to zero.

It’s not an ideal link and it incentivizes putting money into the digital ether of PayPal (which has its perils). But let’s hope this is just a start and not a goal.

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