Google beats both Apple and Samsung to the Ireland punch with local Android Pay debut

While Apple is busy bragging about the relatively rapid US retail expansion of its proprietary digital wallet solution, and Samsung inexplicably continues to struggle convincing even British banks to support its NFC and MST-enabled mobile payment service, Google quietly ramps up Android Pay’s global reach.

Available exclusively on American shores until not that long ago, the universal Android 4.4 and up-compatible e-money app very quickly expanded to the UK, Singapore, Australia, Poland, Hong Kong, New Zealand and today, Ireland.

Yes, the same Ireland where neither Apple Pay, nor Samsung Pay are accessible at the moment. And yes, one major local financial institution (AIB), and a smaller Irish banking player (KBC) are already in Big G’s corner when it comes to blazing fast, perfectly secure smartphone shopping.

You can use both Mastercard and Visa credit and debit cards issued by the aforementioned companies at physical stores and restaurants including Boots, Eason, KFC, McDonald’s and SPAR locations, plus in apps like, Deliveroo and Uber, with “many more” obviously to come. More banks, more shops, and more apps. Maybe even crackers, freebies and other incentives.

One thing Android Pay doesn’t need to drive adoption in Ireland and the world over is convenience. Just tap and pay. What could be more convenient?

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