Android P will force crash an app by default if it stops responding

On Android, perhaps it can feel like a charade when Facebook, Instagram or Google Maps decides to freeze up because of some odd confluence of requests it just can’t handle. You give it enough time you’d think would be reasonable to sort out its issues. You tap the “wait” button when the dialog box says that the app is not responding — of course it is, Android, you dolt — and wait some more. Finally, you force close the app and start anew. Despicable, ain’t it?

No more of that theater, at least by default, come Android PXDA-Developers notes one of the big changes being the removal of the App Not Responding dialog box. If an app stalls, the system will allow it to crash.

It’s a stark approach that won’t easily allow for users to report potential bugs, but it also gives developers a stronger incentive to hop in and tackle issues as they come about once their crash monitoring tools pick things up. If, for example, there are too many foreground operations taking up too many resources, some of them can be placed into the background with an API.

Users can revert back to the ANR dialogs by heading into the developer settings and toggling on “Show background ANRs.”

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