Google made a quick point about the need to maintain digital well-being at I/O this year in the wake of many controversies around social media and data privacy. It is now working in a few features into its properties to promote the “joys of missing out” as opposed to the fears.

Android P will feature a Dashboard showing how much time the phone has been on, how many times it has been unlocked and just what the phone is being used for. Developers will be able to deep-link certain usage metrics that will help their app deliver a more meaningful experience within a shorter timeframe.

An App Timer feature will help users limit usage by setting a time limit and graying out the app icon on the home screen when the allotment is complete. Speaking of “graying out,” a new Wind Down option will set the phone’s entire display to black-and-white mode at a certain time of night as people get ready to go to bed, but not before a last check of their phone. “Shush” will turn on Do Not Disturb mode when the phone is turned face down on a surface, though it will let Starred Contacts (which can be set up in your contacts app) through to the vibration motor.

YouTube will urge users to take a break after a certain amount of uninterrupted viewing. It will also debut a notification digest — a once-daily pulse of all subscription notification instead of each new release or comment being pushed as it happens. Publishers may have some contention with the company on this point, especially for those revolving around more timely content.

These features and others will begin running later on this year. The Android P beta will have them just a bit earlier. Meantime, you can hit the source link below to learn more about what Google wants to contribute to digital well-being.

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