Android Oreo officially rolls out to T-Mobile Galaxy Note 8 and AT&T Galaxy S8 Active

These past few weeks have been quite eventful on the software update front for carrier-locked versions of Samsung’s 2017 flagship smartphones. Verizon was the first major US wireless service provider to send official Oreo goodies over-the-air to the Galaxy S8 and S8+, shortly followed by Sprint, T-Mobile and finally, AT&T.

“Ma Bell” turned the tables by getting the Android 8.0 ball rolling for the Galaxy Note 8, although Verizon and Sprint followed suit very quickly, and now, T-Mobile is closing the “big four” circle.

According to Sr. Product Manager, Engineer, Technology Evangelist and social media update announcer Des Smith, the Note 8’s Oreo promotion on the nation’s leading “Un-carrier” should have started “hitting customers phones as early as Sunday night.”

That means you should be able to download and install a large number of UI optimizations, customizations, tweaks, add-ons, security patches and performance enhancements at the time of this writing. If not, keep checking, and the update will probably come in a few hours. One or two days tops.

Meanwhile, the oft-neglected rugged brother of the Galaxy S8 and S8+ is reportedly beginning to receive its very own Android Oreo upgrade as well. We’re talking about the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active, which was initially released on AT&T, and then expanded to T-Mobile and Sprint with moderate fanfare.

Unsurprisingly, AT&T is the first carrier to bring the latest OS version to the flat-screened, muscular, big battery-packing GS8 Active, although the network’s support webpages are yet to reflect the change.

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