Android Oreo, Android Pocky: Hiroshi Lockheimer picks his poison

About time we start looking up some treats that start with the letter “O,” huh?

Google I/O is being plotted and with it, the next dessert name for the next major version of Android. Will we see substantial improvements whenever Android 7.2 or 8.0 shows up? Doesn’t matter, apparently.

The company’s Senior Vice President of Android and Chrome OS and Google Play Hiroshi Lockheimer tweeted something to The Verge‘s Dan Seifert. Let’s see what it is.

It’s a GIF of an Oreo cake getting spun around. Oh wow.

Goddamnit, can we keep the obvious hammer from dropping?

Well, Android Oreo is a pretty obvious conclusion. Keeping with Android’s dessert codename tradition, the idea of an Android Oreo may seem popular to those especially keen on Google being friendly with Nestle for allowing the use of the KitKat brand for version 4.4 of the OS. We’ll see if Mondelez International will act the same in relinquishing the brand name for that creme-filled chocolate biscuit sandwich.

Might I propose that this is all just Android Swedish Fish? Or Android Red Herring? Ah, who cares, we’re having fun, right?

Bad Hiroshi! Not now!

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