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Unlike Sony or HMD Global, LG and Huawei have been rather slow in their efforts to deliver the newest Android flavor to some of the best “old” devices on the market, crucially contributing to Oreo’s still-negligible worldwide adoption numbers.

At long last, we have reason to believe official Android 8.0 goodies are right around the corner for the LG V30, G6 and Huawei P10 Plus. Namely, platform build O is explicitly listed as coming by the end of this month to the three high-enders on Rogers subsidiary Fido.

We don’t expect to have many readers subscribed to the tiny Canadian wireless network, but if a carrier up north can roll out Oreos for the P10 Plus, G6 and V30 sometime in March, you have to presume other mobile operators in other countries are in a similar position. Not to mention unlocked variants sold directly by the two smartphone manufacturers.

Today’s news doesn’t exactly come as a surprise, as recent public beta tests have anticipated the arrival of stable Android 8.0 Oreo in “select” markets. Besides, we’re talking about Quad HD 2017 flagships here with powerful SoCs and at least 4GB RAM in tow, far superior on paper to several Nokia-branded mid-rangers updated to Android 8.0 over the past couple of months.

What’s a little odd is Fido doesn’t seem to expect an impending Oreo rollout for the “regular” Huawei P10. Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and S8+ are obviously due for major OS makeovers of their own “in March”, with “unexpected reboots” now decidedly in the rearview mirror.

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