When the Android 8.0 Oreo image dropped for the Nexus 6P, we wondered why the build wasn’t fit for T-Mobile, US Cellular and Project Fi (and, for that matter, why it would be okay with the third Fi partner network, Sprint). It turns out that carriers have been slow walking the update for the Huawei-made device at all points.

That includes Canada, where Rogers Wireless recently updated its OS Upgrade Schedule which has the 6P due for the 8.0 OTA on September 11. Meanwhile, it seems that Bell is already rolling out the Oreo update with a build specific to that carrier (OPR1.170623.023 as opposed to the .013 build filed in the Google Developers base) as Telus defers any support inquiries to Google.

One theory as to what could be complicating the update for the binational carriers is historically tricky Band 12 support, which Rogers, T-Mobile, and US Cellular have in their spectrum portfolios. The issue is especially critical for Google’s MVNO, Project Fi. Other outlets are speculating that these Nexus 6P units will receive an 8.0.1 bump, though we doubt it by the existence of that 8.0 Bell update.

As far as we know, Nexus 5X units running with Android 8.0 can be used on all networks.

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