Hey, where did the Android One webpage go?

Not everything Google does happens for a reason, and Hiroshi Lockheimer’s months-long Nutella teasing games are the perfect reminder the search giant can be such an expert troll without even trying too hard.

But pulling a prank on believers in the Android One program on the heels of Nougat’s announcement feels cruel, unnecessary and just not Big G’s style. Hence, it’s possible something’s up with the bold yet slowly fizzling emerging market-targeted Nexus-like initiative. Something bad.

Something we suspected was going down for a while now, in spite of frequent assurances to the contrary. We’re not saying Android One phones are dead… yet, but they may well be nearing their extinction after quietly vanishing from the platform’s main web portal.

Android.com/one redirects to android.com, with software and devices neatly organized in five sections: phones, Wear, tablets, TV, and Auto. Literally nothing about Android One catches our eye, though some digging and tweaking yielded the expected results and official information on a separate India-regional site. Perhaps that’s all there is to it, and Google decided to migrate the details away to users in countries directly concerned by this. Or maybe it’s the end. Hopefully, the air will be cleared soon enough.

Source: Phandroid

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