It’s been about six months now since Google announced its Android One project at Google I/O, an effort to streamline handset development and empower manufacturers to quickly and easily get cheap, versatile hardware into the hands of customers. If you’re a smartphone user in the West, you may not be up on all the Android One developments since, but shoppers in India have already had the opportunity to get on board the Android One train for a couple months now. One of the many selling points of Android One has been the level of control Google has over software, with promises of speedy system updates among them. Now that the Nexus phones have Lollipop, with Google Play edition models not far behind, it’s nearly time for Android One handsets to get a little Android 5.0 action of their own.

The official word from carriers is that Android One Lollipop updates will start arriving sometime in January, but whispers are already suggesting that things could get started a lot sooner. Supposedly, Google already has the Lollipop update for these Android One phones ready to go, and it’s possible that the company could flip the switch and start sending those updates out as soon as mid-December.

However it goes, we’ll be curious to see how this develops, as the Google-led approach to the software on these models is a tantalizing idea that we might like to see expand into other markets – assuming this all proceeds smoothly, that is.

Will you be just a little jealous if users of Android One get their Lollipop updates before you and your $650 phone?

Source: India Today
Via: phoneArena

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