Google further spreads Android One love to European customers

Dubbed the poor man’s Nexus program, the Android One initiative was inaugurated roughly a year ago in India, expanding ever since in countries like Bangladesh, Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines, Pakistan and, most recently, Nigeria.

Google also made a few timid steps to bring stock Lollipop-running affordable smartphones in Europe, as the Karbonn Sparkle V surprisingly traveled from Asia to the UK a while back, then the powerful General Mobile 4G saw daylight in Turkey in May.

Of course, Turkey sits at the very border between the old continent and Asia, so we’re only now seeing an Android One handheld make a proper European debut. Manufactured by Spanish outfit BQ, the Aquaris A4.5 is already available for sale in the Iberian Peninsula. That’s right, both Spain and Portugal, at €170 and €180 respectively unlocked, with dual SIM support in tow.

As the name suggests, you’re looking at a fairly compact 4.5-incher, unfortunately capable of displaying just qHD content, at 960 x 540 pixels resolution. The rest of the specifications are mostly in line with first-gen Android Ones sold elsewhere, including 1GB RAM, a modest 1 GHz quad-core MediaTek MT6735M CPU, 16GB internal storage space, microSD card slot, 8 and 5MP cameras, as well as 2,470 mAh battery.

Wait, no, come to think of it, the 5 megapixel selfie snapper is actually unusually skilled, especially given it’s also fitted with a flash unit, and the main photographic tool touts a dual flash system for further enhanced low-light performance.

With a 24-month software support pledge, updates coming straight from Google around the same time Nexus devices are rejuvenated, extended 5-year hardware warranty, and 90 days of free Google Play Music access, the BQ Aquaris A4.5 sounds well worth the equivalent of $200, don’t you agree?

Sources: BQ Spain, BQ Portugal
Via: Android Police

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