Face ID is so hot that Android OEMs are ready to give up under-screen fingerprint development

Whether you’re nervous or excited about the slowly nearing iPhone X, fearing constant Face ID failure or trusting Apple’s revolutionary biometric implementation with your life, being willing to wait for however long it takes or… not, you can probably expect to see the “all-screen” device constantly make headlines throughout and beyond the holiday season.

Well beyond it, in fact, as companies like Samsung could need up to 3 years to replicate the TrueDepth magic on future Android flagship handsets. Make no mistake, Apple’s Google-endorsed rivals are very interested in similar face-scanning technologies, at least according to industry pundits like KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

Even though there’s still a possibility Face ID will disappoint iPhone X users remembering Touch ID fondly, prompting the return of a more traditional fingerprint reader on the entire 2018 generation, many Android smartphone vendors reportedly want to join the party.

Kuo isn’t naming names, but apparently, “inquiries into 3D-sensing technologies have at least tripled” in the past month or so. This is such a hot commodity right now that the long-in-the-works under-display optical fingerprint recognition solution might be DOA.

Qualcomm seems to be the closest supplier to getting a screen-embedded fingerprint scanner right, but this is still “only a spec upgrade from capacitive solutions”, unlike 3D sensing facial recognition that “embodies a revolutionary user experience”, allowing users to “create fun expressions like Apple’s Animoji” and on a “more important level”, facilitating the true evolution of the AR industry.

Bottom line, everyone wants a piece of the sweet, super-advanced 3D sensing pie, but even Qualcomm is a couple of steps behind Apple, which is going to make mainstream adoption and widespread expansion rather tricky. Nonetheless, shipments of “3D sensor-equipped Android devices” are expected to exceed those with under-display fingerprint recognition “by a factor of two or three or more” in just a couple of years.

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