Android Oatmeal Cookie may be internal codename for 8.0

Key Lime Pie. Lemon Meringue Pie. New York Cheesecake. All of these codenames were tied to their relevant letter Android release and all of them turned out, at least by hearsay, to be the codename used around the Googleplex.

Now there’s some pickup from one Android codebin inside Google pointing to the dessert name for Android 8.0 is “Oatmeal Cookie”. The initials “OC” have been tagged with version statuses such as “dev” and “MR1” or Maintenance Release 1.

And the code hasn’t just been inside Google. There was an explicit mention at I/O 2017.

Still, deeply-connected managing editor of Android Police David Ruddock wasn’t taking well some of the headlines that were coming out of this development.

And after a good lecture about the above earlier internal codenames…

Calm your Oily Cantaloupes. Perhaps we will once again see a day where Android’s dessert will be as much of a mouthful to pronounce as Ice Cream Sandwich.

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