It’s official: Android O will be ‘revealed’ via livestream from New York City on August 21

As if mobile tech enthusiasts didn’t already have their agendas jam-packed with exciting announcement events of striking devices like Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8, the LG V30 or Sony Xperia XZ1, not to mention the unscheduled iPhone 8, Google has just confirmed it’s going to make a spectacle around the Android O reveal next week.

Specifically, on Monday, August 21, which just so happens to be the day of the first total solar eclipse sweeping across the entire United States since 1918. No wonder Samsung chose to unveil its “next big thing” later the same week, i.e. on Wednesday, August 23.

In contrast, the Mountain View-based search giant wants to embrace the nation’s attention over the momentous natural phenomenon, counting on people’s multitasking skills. There’s even going to be an Android O-dedicated livestream from New York City starting at 2:40PM ET, probably divulging the platform build’s dessert name once and for all.

Our money’s still on Oreo, though the usual suspects are often overlooked as Google likes to keep things fresh, unpredictable and of course, sweet. Perennial misleader Hiroshi Lockheimer even put Orangina on the table a while ago in what would be an unprecedented soda-supporting move.

Unfortunately, the Android eclipse webpage doesn’t appear to contain any obvious branding hints. Just a good old fashioned countdown clock and something about Android O’s “super (sweet) new powers.” Oh, and in case you’re wondering, we’re not 100 percent sure August 21 will be the day the actual update rolls out to eligible Pixel and Nexus phones, though that does seem like an increasingly safe bet.

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