One Android O feature rumored to cut down on copy-paste

It’s about time that we got over the name of Android O and started talking about the features that might get in onto version 7.2/8.0 — and who should really care about the number at this point?

VentureBeat is reporting from a source that a feature called “Copy Less” will be able to take what the software thinks may be mission-critical text you come across and suggest it as an autocomplete option. For example, if you’re texting a friend to meet at a certain destination that you’ve just looked up, the keyboard may suggest the address of that location you found on Yelp or wherever on the web as an autocomplete option.

Such a feature would follow on from Apple’s inclusion of contact information in its autocomplete options for iMessage.

Google may also update text recognition in texting to recognize addresses and interlink them to an app like Google Maps. It is not clear what other formatted scripts may get the same treatment.

It is also not clear on how Google intends to implement the features, if they pass through to the final software package. Will it be on a kernel level or will certain keyboards and messaging mediums get these features? We don’t know.

Finally, Android O is rumored to include finger gestures as triggers for apps and features. Huawei’s EMUI and many third-party launchers like Nova Launcher has allowed for users to draw a “C” from the home screen to activate an app, perhaps the camera. This feature seems to be slightly more uncertain for pass-through.

We should learn more and get a taste for ourselves once the inevitable developer preview drops. That’s expected to be at Google I/O 2017 in late May.

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