Beta Four You: Android O and iOS 11 developer previews strike four


— Steve Ballmer

You heard the man, let’s talk about developers getting updates to their beta and preview. Just the ones.

iOS 11 has moved onto its fourth developer beta with several more iterations to come before its fall launch. Across Sunnyvale, Android O is now on its fourth and last developer preview and it’ll only be weeks before Nexus and Pixel devices will begin to receive it.

Biting into Apple, the typical thicket of issues resolved only brings about more issues to fix, so there’s always that. Some of the major new features that 9to5Mac found were cosmetic with revised navigation actions. If you’re not a developer, expect a public beta update to follow soon.

Android O at this stage is pretty much as close to final as can be without actually being final. System behaviors are set and there’s full support of the level 26 library of APIs. Android VP of Engineering Dave Burke’s post on the Developers Blog is mostly just reminding app makers about using all the features available to them like notification dots, autofill and text auto-sizing to increase engagement and save space. They must also file pushes to notification channels if they have not done so for their app already.

If you’re enrolled in the Android Beta Program, you’ll get an over-the-air update within the next days. A final version could be out early next month.

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