Android Now Runs on Intel Atom Moorestown x86 Architecture

Intel is hoping to boost its mobile chip market share by making Android OS compatible with its Atom chipset on the Moorestown architecture, which is an x86 CPU. Now, in addition to power efficient Snapdragon support for Android–on devices like the Sprint EVO 4G and the Nexus One, OEMs will also have the option of adding Intel’s powerful mobile chipsets to the mix.

Moorestown will be the brains for MeeGo and Moblin devices like the LG GW990, and the latest support for Android will help Intel reach more audiences and enter the smartphone segment. Intel used to create ARM-based mobile chips (Snapdragon is based on an ARM design) but the company has since sold off its XScale chip division to chipmaker Marvell Technology Group in 2006.

(via: Engadget)

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