You see, this is why it’s never a good idea to use features not actually available on launch day as prominent selling points for devices that are remarkably appealing anyway.

You risk ending up disappointing your fans rather than pleasantly surprising them if you had just kept quiet about eventual Daydream VR compatibility. That still hasn’t arrived to the June-released ZTE Axon 7, with a self-imposed January company deadline for Nougat’s rollout officially extended in Germany.

ZTE’s local branch on Facebook finally admitted the other day the long-awaited software update isn’t ready for primetime, failing to meet internal “quality requirements”, and thus prompting a small additional delay.

Instead of providing a new (semi-) specific timeframe, ZTE Mobile Deutschland merely commits to an imprecise “first quarter” over-the-air Android 7.0 delivery, which is probably for the best.

The Quad HD 5.5-incher’s beta tests will of course continue, both on the old continent and stateside, with ZTE looking to recruit an extra 20 little German helpers to hopefully “speed up” the process. We’re guessing many bugs need to be identified and ironed out before the Axon 7 leaves Marshmallow behind, and Google’s virtual reality capabilities can expand beyond the company’s own Pixels and the Moto Z.

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