The nightmare is over for US Moto X Pure Edition owners awaiting Android Nougat

As the name clearly suggests, Lenovo’s Moto X Pure Edition, known outside of the US as the Moto X Style, runs “pure” Android. No “unnecessary clutter from preloaded apps or software”, aka bloatware, which should have made it extremely easy for the phone’s manufacturers to “optimize” and roll major OS updates out.

But after launching with 5.1.1 Lollipop onboard way back in the fall of 2015, and receiving a decently timely Marshmallow promotion, the once impressive Quad HD 5.7-incher was forgotten.

Not (necessarily) by its users, some of which waited patiently for “Lenovorola” to do the right thing. As time passed, frustration, anger and ultimately desperation ensued, with soak tests coming and going, and even Nougat kernel released last month to the mild satisfaction of tinkerers stateside.

In case anyone’s still interested, Android 7.0 is officially making its way to the Moto X Pure Edition over-the-air as we speak, according to various reports around the web. In addition to a massive goodie pack that’s more than 12 months old but pretty sweet for a Snapdragon 808 device nonetheless, the security patch level is apparently elevated to the September 1, 2017 standard.

That’s the one thing you probably can’t complain about, although we’re hearing it’s the first security update in a long time as well. Let’s just hope newer Moto phones will see vastly improved software support, despite recent signs to the contrary.

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