Android 7.0 Nougat now expected on original Samsung Galaxy A5 this month

With the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge now finally, officially and properly updated to Android 7.0, Samsung fans would probably expect the S6, S6 Edge, Edge+ and Note 5 to lead the list of candidates for the company’s next wave of over-the-air Nougat goodies.

Indeed, the Note 7-reeling mobile device manufacturer vaguely confirmed the aforementioned quartet, alongside A3 and A8 phones, plus Galaxy Tab A with S Pen and Tab S2 LTE unlocked slates, for build N expansions in “additional countries within the first half of this year.”

But believe it or not, Australia’s second largest cellular service provider hasn’t abandoned its surprising goal of bringing the age-old Galaxy A5 up to date in the early stages of 2017 either. In fact, Optus feels confident Android 7.0 testing will be completed in February. Yes, this February. As in, this very month beginning today.

Granted, the initial objective was to distribute the substantial OS makeover last month, but even if the S6 and Note 5 miraculously beat the OG A5 to the Nougat punch by a few days, this will still be a carrier feat to remember.

Not only is the Galaxy A5 more than two years old already, as well as fairly modest in terms of processing power and screen resolution, also getting a sequel and a threequel in the meantime, both of which currently run Marshmallow worldwide.

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