One Australian carrier expects Nougat to roll out by month-end, another says there are ‘issues’

Today might just be the big day for owners of the two latest (and greatest, until Marlin and Sailfish swim up to shore) Nexus devices, at least according to one of Canada’s three leading mobile network operators.

But Australia’s number two wireless carrier doesn’t entirely share Telus’ position or confirm its very specific Android Nougat release date, while the third largest telco down under even more clearly suggests a delay could be in store due to a mysterious “issue found during testing.”

Not Vodafone’s own “optimization” process, mind you, as said bug is apparently “under investigation by Huawei”, which of course wants everything to run smoothly off the bat for its Nexus 6P.

Optus and Vodafone Australia have no news to share on the LG Nexus 5X Nougat-updating front, so it remains to be seen if N6P’s probable setback will affect little bro as well. At the same time, it’s worth highlighting the former operator still expects Android 7.0 testing for the Nexus 6P to conclude successfully by the “end of August”, at which point official OS makeovers may roll out OTA on the large scale Android purists are furiously crossing their fingers for. Bottom line, nothing’s certain until Google makes it certain.

Sources: Optus, Vodafone Australia

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