Samsung thinks it knows what version number Android N will release as

Every time a new major Android release rolls around, we find ourselves facing two questions: what dessert name will Google go with, and what version number will the build emerge as? For the desserts, at least we have the predictability of Google’s alphabetic progression to rely on: we may not know if we’re getting Android Nougat or Android Nutella, but we’re sure getting an Android N of some kind. Version numbers, though, are a bit trickier, and while Lollipop and Marshmallow both arrived as whole-number updates (5.0 and 6.0, respectively), Jelly Bean and KitKat (to say nothing of earlier Android versions) were a whole lot less predictable, and content to arrive as after-the-decimal updates. What’s Android N likely to do? Google itself hasn’t clued us in just yet, but a big-name Android OEM may have just let the answer loose.

Late last month, Samsung released the most recent update to its MultiWindow SDK. In those release notes, Samsung mentions that it’s getting the SDK ready for Android N compatibility, and in doing so explicitly refers to N as the Android 7.0 release.

While Samsung’s very clear here, we have to wonder just how reliable this info might be. Samsung may just be making an assumption based on the pattern set up by Lollipop and Marshmallow, and it doesn’t see any harm in speculating that Google’s likely to follow through with another whole-number update.

There’s also the possibility that Samsung’s privy to some Google insider info here, and that the Android-maker has already shared with it its intent to label Android N as Android 7.0.

So is this trustworthy or not? Sadly, there’s no real way for us to tell at this juncture, and even if we see Samsung edit the page to remove mention of Android 7.0, that’s still not confirmation either way. Consider this, instead, our first piece of evidence; hopefully we’ll have something more to go on soon.

Source: Samsung
Via: SamMobile

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