Android N doesn’t have a dessert name, but it’s most likely version 7.0

What comes after Android 6.0? Logic seems to dictate 7.0, but before 5.0, Google released three major OS iterations with 4.x designations (Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean and KitKat), so you never know.

That said, it sure looks like build N will bring enough enhancements to the table to warrant a full-number update. At the very worst, this is set to roll out to the mobile (and VR) loving masses as version 6.5 in the fall, once developers wrap up system optimization and iron out all current kinks.

6.1 is almost certainly out of contention, while 7.0 remains our safest Android N bet, based on little hints dropped during yesterday’s action-packed I/O 2016-opening keynote. Although the presentation ran for two whole hours, between 10 am and noon PDT, every clock on every device, slide or demo showed a different time – 7:00.

Coincidence? We think not, especially since Google teased previous OS version digits similarly in recent years. Oh, if only Google Assistant was asked to look up sweets that start with an N, and then rank them by deliciousness. Oh, right, that particular decision is theoretically up to us, even if the search giant reserves veto power for submissions it deems unfitting for a VR-capable, faster, smoother, safer mobile platform than ever before.

By the way, if you missed the Mountain View-set keynote, you can replay all the action on YouTube, fast forward through the more tedious announcements, and gaze in awe at the strong conversational skills of the Google Assistant, as well as begin planning your new Google Home-based interior design.

Source: YouTube

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