People hate flat soda. Some people hate the flats they’re living in. But techies love, love, love flatness in the GUI found on Android. Perhaps we may see more of it come Android N go-time. But does that mean we lose the cards that were a pillar of Material Design?


Android Police may have a very tentative idea of how the interface might look like, based on experience with an early build of Android N. Recreations have been posted in place of screenshots.

android-n-android-police-2 android-n-android-police-1
















The notifications shade gets its quick toggles and time/date bars compacted and Wi-Fi, cell, battery and user indicators removed. That leaves more room for actual notifications that take up the whole width of the screen and come in list form, no card breaks in-between them. The app from which you’re getting the notification from is now denoted not just by a large, left-biased and encircled logo, but a smaller one topping the entry alongside the app name. For what it’s worth, the “clear all” button now is now designed with the cascade action headed left instead of right.

The full settings toggle page has been re-organized as the ridiculous tree formation gives way to a grid. The battery meter moves down there from the top bar while both areas have been unified with a single shade of gray, not a two-tone approach.

All-in-all, we may be seeing Google devolving its aesthetics soon, but like all good or bad things, we’ll have to wait. At least we may live to see the app drawer stay.

Source: Android Police
Via: Droid Life

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