Forget “natural-looking” emoji, floating windows, the return of night mode, and app priority importance. Virtual reality might not only be the next big thing for tech in general, but also the Android “ecosystem” in particular.

Thus far, Google has looked surprisingly shy and hesitant to properly jump on the VR bandwagon, developing the meek Cardboard platform and not much else. Before long though, a version of Android dedicated entirely to powering virtual-reality applications could debut, hopefully in pre-release beta form first.

Android N probably isn’t it, with behind-the-scenes work however already devoted to connecting the mobile OS to VR gear in a few new ways. Specifically, Dev Preview software suggests, you’ll soon be able to use something called a VR Listener or VR Helper to enrich your immersive experience.

Actual details on what the two apps do are very thin on the ground, but clearly, they’ll “listen” and “help” you while VR gaming or watching porn. Okay, that latter part sounds creepy, so forget about it, and let’s just wait and see how Google intends to innovate the cross between real reality and virtual reality. Smartphone notifications and messages allowed in by default would be the logical first step, alongside improved, system-wide Android N synchronization in general.

Oh, and by no means should Google forget about that rumored upcoming standalone headset or sensor-laden next-gen Cardboard, no matter how game-changing these software tweaks might turn out.

Sources: ArsTechnica, The Verge

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