Hidden Jelly Bean Feature: Multiple User Support (Video)

There’s a hidden feature of Jelly Bean that Google has hidden from users: multiple user support. This smart feature, only available with a custom ROM or with a little bit of tweaking to your installation of Jelly Bean, allows you to set up new user accounts on your phone or tablet and grant guest users access to select apps. Not only that, but guest users see a fresh installation of Android, keeping your data private. Also, guests cannot change any settings; to change settings, you must switch to the primary account, which you can protect with a password. It’s a pretty useful feature if you have kids or friends that want to use your phone or tablet once in a while and don’t want them poking through your sensitive data.

This particular CM10-based ROM is called Domination and is available on XDA. However, you can enable this feature on any Jelly Bean installation of Android as long as you have root access.

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