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Android passed iOS in total shipments many moons ago, probably because of the sheer number of Android devices that are on the market as of this moment and the platform’s open-source nature. Even with that stat, though, Android has still remained below iOS in global usage, though (if the data we’re referencing is to be believed). From analyzing trends in said data, though, it looks like Android mobile web usage will soon beat out iOS.

Net Applications is one of the most well-respected traffic-monitoring firms out there, and its data for the month of June shows that Android and iOS are neck-and-neck. In May, Android held 41.58% of the pie, and that figure rose to 43.75% in June. As for iOS, it nosedived from 51.11% to 48.34%.

At this rate, in one or two more months, iOS will no longer be king. There’s no telling whether the rumored iPhone 6 will be able to reverse this nosedive-of-sorts, but it’s certainly possible. It’s clear, though, that both of these platforms have a healthy chunk of the industry.

As a random note, BlackBerry has been evicted from the labeling on this report, filed into the “Other” section. It’s slowly fading away, but it’s possible there may be hope yet for the failing company.

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Source: Net Applications
Via: BGR

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