Right now, Google’s offering early access to Android M as a developer preview, and while those releases for Nexus hardware give us the opportunity to go hands-on with the software ahead of its broader launch later this year, they leave us with a few unanswered questions about how Android M will land. The one that gets speculated upon the most may be which dessert item ends up providing the final M-name, but just as big a mystery has been the version numbering Android M will finally take. While nothing’s yet official, a compelling theory offers a pretty good guess at just where Android M will land.

We only just graduated to Android 5.0 with Lollipop last year, and when talking about the Android M preview a couple months back, we mused that the scope of improvements on the table for M sure felt a lot more like something that might be Android 5.2, rather than significant to warrant the move all the way up to Android 6.0

That idea picks up new support in the form of the demo mode baked-in to the Android M preview’s developer options. There, users can force their devices into a mode of operation that replaces the usual assortment of status bar notifications with an unencumbered one. In the process, it also replaces the typical system time display with a static readout, and in the latest Android M build, that time is set to 5:20.

While that’s no official assurance, in previous Android preview releases the time reportedly also matched the ultimate version number, so this could be a sly way of confirming that Android M will land as Android 5.2.

Source: Technodify
Via: phoneArena

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