Odds are, we’re just a couple months away from seeing the public release of Android M (alongside some new Nexus hardware). But when it does get here, what name will it take? While it may not ultimately have any impact on the software we get, half the fun of a new Android release is figuring out what dessert-themed name Google’s thought up for the build. For M we’ve already heard plenty of suggestions, from Mars bars, to marshmallows, to macadamia nut cookies. Now a couple Google employees are stoking the M-name-rumor fires, with the publication of a new teaser video.

The Natalie and Lorraine who are behind this clip are a couple Googlers who create some fun behind-the-scenes videos as part of their 20-percent projects, where Google encourages workers to experiment with new ideas not directly tied to their jobs.

Here the pair takes us on a tour of many of the M-options for the new Android, covering a bunch of names we’ve heard before while also offering some new ones. And while it doesn’t do a lot to help us narrow things down any, the video’s a fun way to get caught up with many of the possibilities. Is the real name among all the suggestions we find here, or could it be elusive still?

At the tail end of the clip we see what might even be the next Android statue under construction, though it’s hard to tell if we’ll really get a white-colored robot, or if we’re looking at a primer coat being applied. For now, the mystery continues.

Source: Nat and Lo (YouTube)
Via: Xperia Blog

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